Our 18-month-old has been attending Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Colchester for just over 6 months now and we couldn’t be happier. He attends 3 times a week and quickly built a lovely bond with his key worker. His personality and his confidence have grown steadily and he is thriving. It’s obvious that the care he receives from all of the staff at Monkey Puzzle Colchester is of a very high standard and he loves seeing the staff and his friends every day. Initially we were worried about how he would settle as he has spent most of his life in lockdown but we needn’t have been concerned. He surprises us so often with new things he does and the sign language he has learnt. The nursery is very clean, with modern equipment and it is evident that the staff and managers all take pride in their nursery. The play activities are linked to the educational development of the children and fed back to parents regularly. Our son eats nutritious meals and always comes home with a full tummy, tired and very happy.

Aimee R, 2 July 2021

My son has been attending this nursery since September 2020. At first, he started off doing a few sessions throughout the week and now he does one full day on a Friday. Honestly, he absolutely loves it. Yes, he is tired when we pick him up but that is simply because he has so much fun and always tells me this. He has a great connection with his key workers which is lovely to see and has met many friends since attending. It’s been lovely that throughout Covid-19 and the many lockdowns, that he has still been able to attend every Friday to socialise and learn with other children, which to both me and him is so important. The nursery owner is amazing. Sometimes I wonder if he ever stops working because if you ever have a query he generally answers within minutes, he is so helpful. The staff in general work really hard. Thanks to Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Colchester, I have no worries or anxieties when dropping my son off at a nursery because I know he is being looked after properly and always has fun.

Amy Q

My daughter has been attending Monkey Puzzle since April this year. She absolutely loves it and as a parent, I feel so happy and feel at ease knowing that she’s in good care when she’s away from us. My little girl has shown immense progress and enjoys all the activities done at the nursery, including the fun outdoor activities and she looks forward to attending nursery every morning. I cannot emphasise on how impressed I am with nursery, the cleanliness of the premises and efficiency and dedication of the staff and management. I would highly recommend Monkey Puzzle nursery to any parent looking for a safe home away from home care for their child.

Dayani B

Both my daughters go to the nursery, they excelled really well after joining in the nursery. Staff give a lot of importance to cleanliness and hygiene and during the Covid pandemic they are dealing with it absolutely fantastically – a bubbles system and no mixing – and I felt safe to send my children in this situation. Staff are very friendly and experienced. My kids love to go to the nursery with joy. I definitely recommend this nursery.

Anusha D

This nursery has been amazing since my son has joined, and have always been polite, caring and supportive. He has learnt a lot from the people at the nursery and thoroughly enjoys attending it on Tuesdays and Fridays. As parents we are very well informed as to what he is eating, and doing throughout the day. I would highly recommend this nursery to any parent.

S Badhasha

A super nursery, fab staff team that prides itself on providing excellent care and education to all the children that attend. If you’re looking for quality childcare for under 5s I highly recommend this nursery.

P Shergill

Very good nursery. My son has improved since joining the school. Whenever we had an issue the school was happy to follow up without issues. Highly recommended.

H Moyo

Our son joined Monkey Puzzle as one of the eldest children there, as we have just moved to the area. He adored his old nursery and so I was really quite nervous about him starting at a new place with new faces. However the team at Monkey Puzzle really helped put us ease and made the transition a stress free one. Our son really enjoys it there, is always happy to go in the morning and made new friends very quickly. The management really seem to care about the children, and look after and value their team, which in turn makes for a happy environment. We’re very pleased we chose Monkey Puzzle.

R Shepherd

My little boy had been struggling with shyness and delayed speech, mainly due to lockdown and lack of socialising. So I decided to get him into a nursery with the hope it would help. I’m so pleased I decided on Monkey Puzzle, I couldn’t believe how quickly he settled in, and his progress in just three months is amazing. He’s so much more vocal, working on so many words and sounds. He plays better at home and is definitely able to focus on things better. The staff are truly wonderful, keeping me updated with everything my son gets up to. The parents app is fantastic, being sent pictures of your child and updates through the day is so reassuring.

C Martin

My daughter has been going to monkey puzzle since August 2020 after 5 months being out of her previous nursery due to lock down. She settled in so quick and as for a 2 year old who was quite shy, we have noticed a massive change in her confidence. She absolutely loves monkey puzzle and adores all the staff especially her key worker Shani. I Couldn’t recommend a better nursery.

S Napolitano

Allowing my daughter to go to Monkey Puzzle was the best decision ever as we are both keyworkers. Staff and Owner are very approachable, helpful and friendly. My daughter has developed in soo many ways and it’s amazing especially as she is a lockdown baby. Looking forward to further development. We are very grateful.

R Baker

My son started here in July 2020. After doing lots of looking around, this nursery was the most modern, clean, varied, friendly & communicative in the area. They’re very thorough with paperwork and keeping parents updated throughout the day and term. My son absolutely loves going into nursery and feels so happy and comfortable with his key worker and all the staff in his room. The activities and all the equipment the nursery put on for the children is amazing. The staff get to know the parents and children really well and if there’s any concerns or issues they’ll communicate well with parents. I feel relaxed sending my son here as I know he has lots of fun, loves the staff and children, enjoys good home made food and is constantly learning new skills and developing. I’d recommend this nursery to any body.

J Coogan

My daughter was 11 months when she started at Monkey Puzzle and like any new parent, I was so anxious about leaving her, especially during a pandemic when she hardly had any other contact with anybody else! After a couple of months of hard work from her keyworkers, she now runs in and I don’t even get a goodbye! I can tell she loves it there and she loves her key workers, which makes me feel so at ease and happy that my daughter is happy. She has been there for over 6 months now and I’m really glad we chose Monkey Puzzle.

A Garrard

I’d like to say a very big thank you to all the Staff and Management at Monkey Puzzle for the amazing work they do. My daughter loves going to the nursery and enjoys it so much. We’ve seen such amazing progress journey. It’s such a relief & reassuring as a parent to know that their child is safe and well loved and well looked after while at nursery. Thank you, Dayani You guys are all amazing, you all do such a great job!

My daughter has been going to Monkey Puzzle Colchester for the last 18 months since she was about 10 months old. She is absolutely thriving there and always excited to go. She has formed some lovely friendships as well as good relationships with all of the workers. The facilities are modern and clean and I was very impressed with this when we first looked around. The staff are very supportive of her and have good knowledge of child development so they are able to challenge her appropriately. We get regular feedback regarding what she has been doing each week and she gets regular detailed assessments of how she is getting on and developing. All the feedback comes back to us through the ParentZone app which is kept fully up to date by the staff and means we get to see photos of what she has been up to which is lovely. I am so pleased we chose Monkey Puzzle for our daughter and have every intention of her younger sister joining her there when she is a little older.

R Lloyd-Jones

My daughter has been going to this nursery for the past 2 years. The management and the staff are very professional and friendly. They go the extra mile to make birthdays special for the children. My daughter is very happy. This nursery has really helped her with her development. I highly recommend this place.

S Menon

My son has been going to this nursery since November. It was the best decision we made . He absolutely loves it here, always excited to go to the nursery in the morning. The staff are very responsive and always go above and beyond to meet the child’s needs. Highly recommend.

Sunita S

My daughter has been going to Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery since July 2020 after lockdown. We were looking for a nursery more local to our home and Monkey Puzzle ticked all the boxes! Friendly staff, clean facilities and the rooms looked to provide a fun, educational environment for the children. My daughter thoroughly enjoys going to nursery! Her confidence grows continuously and she learns something new every single time she attends! The nursery staff are all very professional and friendly and well trained and have been very accommodating to my daughters food allergies. She is always able to have good quality meals and snacks that do not differ too much from the other children. I also love that I am able to keep up to date with her day while I am at work through the Parentzone app. It makes my day knowing she is so looked after while I am at work. Highly recommend Monkey Puzzle to anybody!

N Szabo

Very nice and safe place. My two and half-year-old daughter could not settle into the previous nursery that she had been to. The staff at Monkey Puzzle, Colchester have been great and helped her during the settling in process and now she absolutely loves going there. It’s a very neat and clean place and the food is freshly prepared onsite. They cater to individual needs and there is always something else on a plate if the child refuses a meal, so the kids are not tired or hungry at any time. Very friendly and pleasant staff and we are very happy there.


My son is excited whenever he’s going to nursery and that can only mean one thing. He’s happy and comfortable, well looked after and the staff are really great and communication is also on point. Would definitely recommend this facility to parents with young children. You won’t be disappointed.

K Benson

The best nursery in Colchester. I strongly recommend this nursery to parents who want their baby to be in safe place. The managers and the keyworkers are so helpful and so kind with us. My baby girl really like this place they have lots of activities for kids, everything is perfect there.

Bella Eleen

Our daughter cannot wait for the days she gets to go to her “Monkey Puzzle school”. It has been a wonderful experience watching her start nursery and we all feel welcomed and part of the Monkey Puzzle community


My niece attends this nursery, which was highly recommended to me after I decided that our current nursery in the area wasn’t meeting our needs any longer. We have been with Monkey Puzzle for almost a year now, and I have to say I am super impressed with the staff, the activities, the resources and just the general attitude and approach to my child’s care! They have been more than accommodating to me and my child which I am really grateful for – you wouldn’t get that kind of service many places! It is really easy to speak to management and I have always found them really responsive and proactive! Often, they are asking the opinions of parents and carers to ensure they are meeting (and very often exceeding) expectations. To anyone who is looking for a nursery for their child I strongly recommend that you contact Manjit at Monkey Puzzle and arrange a visit.

K Campbell

Great nursery with great facilities and staff. Everybody there is kind, helpful and encouraging. Our daughter has been there for over a year now and they have helped her really develop. She had difficulties with speech and they have been working with us to improve this. Since going to the nursery she’s become more confident in herself and with other children. We feel like this is putting her on the right track for starting school. Would highly recommend this nursery.


Before my son came to Monkey Puzzle he never liked nursery or leaving me. Now he rarely even says goodbye. He always plans what things from home he wants to take to show Andrea at the gate, (although we know we cannot take things into nursery from home). This week it was his new lunchbox with a few random things inside, Andrea was so enthusiastic and I can tell Jake is very attached to her. It’s great to see this sort of setting truly appreciating their staff.